fuck yes.

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The Supreme Court Will (Finally) Rule on DOMA & Prop 8 tomorrow, lets show our support for gay marriage tumblr!

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The funny thing about arguing that same-sex couples will damage the lives of the children they raise is that never once has a same-sex couple conceived a child by accident. Every single gay and lesbian couple who decided to have a child together must plan for it, often in great detail; whether this is a lesbian couple who need to find a sperm donor, a gay couple who must find a surrogate mother or either of these looking to go through the lengthy and often difficult process of adoption. Every single child brought into the home of a gay or lesbian couple is wanted.

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so adorable

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New York City’s Empire State Building celebrates Pride Week

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I try to commit at least 5 of the 7 deadly sins daily

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you’ve got a friend in me.

My friend told me he wants to come out of the closet soon and I feel bad because that closet sounds more like a prison